2012 Grammy Awards Red Carpet

Ahhh the Grammys. Despite the news of music legend Whitney Houston’s death hanging over the event, the worlds biggest music stars turned on all their wacky goodness for what is always an interesting, if not slightly insane, red carpet. Here is the worst, and the slightly better than bad. Maybe I’m being harsh, but when Paris Hilton is looking half decent in comparison, things are getting worrying. Please, bring on the Oscars!

The (Almost) Good

Rihanna looking sleek and gangsta-licious!

Taylor Swift in intricate gold. Dress like the award, win the award?

Songstress Adele was all classic class.

Kelly Rowland

Paris Hilton looking more presentable than she has done in years. And she announced she’s working on a new album. Get excited?! Eek.

Gwenyth Paltrow looking all minimalist chic.

The Bad

Fergie…apparently this was her safe option.

Katie Perry clearly took inspiration from her role in the Smurfs.

I don’t even know who this is, but that thigh split is making me very nervous.

How helpful of Jessie J, the organisers were worried there wouldn’t be enough disco balls.

The Ugly…

Nicki Minaj, with her date the pastor. As you do…

There’s pink hair and there’s white hair, then there’s something in between…Kelly Osbourne finds some middle ground with this geriatric grey hue.

Stop it Cyndi Lauper, you’re better than this.

There are no words Robyn. Well maybe two – SHOE CRIME.

…And as a treat for you for sitting through it, I give you….Neil Patrick Harris. Suit up!



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  1. Alice, this is HILARIOUS and yet so true. Hopefully some of these fashions added a touch of levity to what was no doubt an otherwise somber event! Love the article!

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