Jeannie Mai: When little changes make a big difference

For some of us the start of a New Year is an opportunity to make a break with history.  It is a time for new initiatives and for some bold goal setting both personally and professionally.  Making big, bold changes can be somewhat daunting, but as Style Network’s  fashion identity Jeannie Mai explains, sometimes even the smallest of alterations can make a big difference.  “Women think they need to make big changes in their lives or that they need to do an entire make-over – in fact what I have found is that they can make simple changes in their lives and still see measurable results.” 

We caught up with Jeannie late last year to talk about her recent trip to Australia and to get her views on how Australian women can find their fashion identity.  “I loved Australia, I got to wear my first fascinator, I visited the Opera House in Sydney and Taronga Zoo.  I ate a pie at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels and even sampled kangaroo – both were delicious.” 

But Jeannie didn’t travel  all the way to Australia to just sample the local culture, she was here to shoot an episode of her show “How do I look” and to find the worst dressed Aussie and, ” bring her bombshell self back to life in 3 days”.   

Who knew? Apparently the worst dressed Aussie was located in Sydney’s beachside suburb of Bronte.  Explained Jeannie, “Her name is Bridgette. She described to us that she took her fashion cue from the show Neighbours… yes, the show from the 80’s… and is overjoyed when people tell her she reminds them of the show Kath and Kim. Nuff said. Thankfully, after a startling realization, and some extra love from Kylie Minogue herself, Bridgette was able to see her brighter light.” 

The show which airs on the Fashion Network in the US, “teaches women to discover their IDENTITY. That’s everything to me. Your identity will dictate your style, your swagger, your strut, your smile. It’s the whole reason why you will ask the words “How Do I Look?” differently than ever before.”

In addition to hosting her own show, Jeannie has also teamed up with Yoplait Light to show women how simple swaps – from fashion to food – can really make a difference over time  Jeannie offers more fashion swap tips at



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