Friday Cocktail: St Germain

It was a festival and a fist-full of ‘Island Dollars’ that led to my unhealthy obsession with this reputedly beneficial drink. Stuck on Sydney pricing with the average cocktail priced at $12, I calculated $50 would cover the day to find these babies were going for $4 a pop.

A marriage of elderflowers and eau-de-vie – a grape spirit – also meaning water of life. St Germain not only has a delicate flavour but a beautiful bouquet and mixed with sparkling wine and soda as the following recipe shows, makes for the perfect pre-party drink.


The Hummingbird

2 parts  Brut Champagne or Dry Sparkling wine

1 1/2 p  St-Germain

2 parts  Soda

Method: Stir ingredients in a tall ice-filled Collins glass, mixing completely.
Think of Paris circa 1947. Garnish with a lemon twist


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