Emerging Photographer: Ned Rogers

From his early teens, Melbourne native Ned Rogers has been obsessed with photography. Long gone are the days of bedroom walls plastered floor to ceiling with Nick Knight and Mario Testino images, Rogers is now based in New York City and loving it. A finalist of the prestigious Australian’s In New York Fashion Foundation Internship Prize, Rogers made the move in early 2011 and hasn’t looked back. Co-founder and creative director of experimental Australian publication Helmet Magazine, freelance photographer and now Williamsburg local, we got chatting about fashion photos and the city that never sleeps.

Did you study photography after school? If so, where?

I did the BA Photography course at RMIT, Melbourne.

How would you describe your style?

Simple, Classic and lots of black

Who or what inspires you?

I always come back to Cecil Beaton, Nick Knight and Jean-Michel Basquiat for inspiration.

Are you a digital or film kind of guy?

I don’t own a digital camera! I’ll shoot a job on digital but will spend the money on film for my personal work.

Tell us about your work with Helmet Magazine. Is there another issue in the works?

We’ve had two issues published now, and the third issue is coming out very soon worldwide. Every spare second is spent working on it so hopefully everyone will love the next issue. We’ve had an overwhelming response from the first two issues so far, the second issue sold out in Australia in two weeks so people seem to like what we are doing.

Congrats on being an AINYFF finalist in 2010. How has the experience affected your career as a photographer?

The contacts I’ve made through it have been amazing, and quite a few of the finalists have kept in touch as well as the finalists form the year before so it’s a great network to be a part of in NY.

What is it about working in NYC that interests you most?

I’ve always loved NY, from the first time I came here I’ve wanted to live here ever since. I had my first taste of work here two years ago and that sealed the deal for me.

Do you see yourself staying in New York in the future? How does it differ from Australia?

Definitely. It never shuts down, there’s an intensity that goes on in the city and all the best of their craft come to work here so it’s the centre of everything I want to be a part of.

Who or what is your ideal subject?

A model that actually likes her job (or at least pretends to) and has a cool personality that you would want to hang out with.

Dream photography job?

A worldwide release ad campaign for any major fashion label and I’ll be happy!

Getting to know you…

When I grew up I wanted to be…an artist and a cop. My childhood was…spent in Melbourne, always outdoors trying new sports and breaking a few too many bones along the way. My earliest memory is…cutting my chin on the side of a bath and refusing to get stitches. In three words, I would describe myself as…passionate, dedicated, reliable. Not many people know that I…learnt Chinese for nine years and can barely speak a word now. If I wasn’t taking photo’s, I would be…in advertising. At work I’m thinking about…how I’m going to get the shot I need and nothing else. In ten years I’ll…still be in NYC and won’t want to leave hopefully. I’ve always wanted to…live in New York City. The best advice I was ever given is…be nice to everyone no matter who they are, it will get you further than you could imagine.

For more check out www.ned-rogers.com

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