Beauty Review: The Essential 6

Going to an island – The Island this upcoming Australia Day, my numero uno priority will be more based around having a taco-induced good time courtesy of Barrio Chino who will be providing Camarón-type fare for the event. That said, it it did start to get me thinking about islands and in particular the question of ‘If stuck on a desert island what would you bring?’

The Wally and Hermes Yacht would be my first answer but on the topic of beauty, these are my essential 6. Whittled down from an overflowing beauty cupboard and a mix of cheap and chic. Six essentials that if I were to get stuck on a desert island, I would by sheer chance have with me and thus stay preened just in time to be picked up and ferried back to shore!

Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm 500ml $100

Part of Aesop’s Hydrate range this Vanilla and Sandalwood scented balm is in price and luxury, the caviar to my bathroom cupboard. Nourishing yet grease free, this balm goes beyond moisturising my skin to boosting my morale and well being.

Contradiction by Calvin Klein 50ml $19.95

A subtle floral scent with notes of Chinese eucalyptus, orchid, lily. This product of perfumer Ann Gottlieb lives up to it’s namesake as being neither floral, earthy or oriental, or possibly all three at the same time.

Diptyque Roses Candle at Mecca Cosmetica $99

I’m in love with these Diptyque candles which aside from having a beautiful scent, burn for 50 – 60 hours which if you do the math works out at roughly 3 cents a minute. This particular candle is Rose, but Baies and Figuier are also firm favourites.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation at Mecca Cosmetica $79

For oily skin this is is the creme de la creme! Applied with a Kabuki brush – I’ve been doing this since meeting with Rae Morris here, this liquid based foundation is impossibly matt, luminous and super easy to blend.

Face of Australia Lip Quench in Power Surge $9.45

Sheen without being too glossy, incredibly long-lasting and containing SPF 30+. This lipstick is hands down my favourite shade of red and don’t be deceived by the price as this lipstick ticks all the right boxes as well as being 100% against animal testing.

MoroccanOil Light Treatment 100ml $50

A ‘cult’ product revered by celebrities and stylists alike. The fatty acids and omega-3 make my locks shine like virgin hair and due to the Aegean oil, this product smells the equivalent of a European vacation.

Photography and styling by Isabelle Richards

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