Movie Review: Happy Feet 2 in 3D

Some things aren’t meant to be sexy. Maths timetables, dumpster trucks, cancelled flights and shrimp or krill, as it’s also known, from my experience are never featured in a sealed section spread. Happy Feet 2 turns these expectations of what is and isn’t attractive on it’s head. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon star as Will and Bill – the krill – or as Pitts character Will would say, ‘one in a krillion!’ who led by an overly ambitious Will, are fighting their way up the food chain determined to change the world.

Above sea level, Erik (Ava Acres) is an adorable penguin who alongside Ramone (Robin Williams) leads an all star cast on an adventure of the challenge meets perseverance kind. With inspiring tag lines such as ‘If you want it, you can will it!’, Ramones humour and a film that highlights if only at surface level, the impacts of melting ice-caps as a result of global warming. Happy Feet 2 is a humourous, insightful and uplifting film perfect for the whole family.

Happy Feet 2 in cinemas from Boxing Day

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