Movie Review: Bill Cunningham New York

Having arrived in New York only a week prior, I made my way to a little downtown cinema to see this charming film on the recommendation of a fashion savvy friend. If, like me, you spend hours on various street style blogs coveting the wears of fashionable folk from around the world, I have no doubt you will enjoy Bill Cunningham New York. Providing a loving look inside the world of the original street style snapper, Bill Cunningham New York is one of those films that leaves you smiling inside.

Following the 82 year old street photographer for The New York Times, Richard Press’ documentary introduces a wider audience to one man’s fascination with capturing ‘the look’ of the street. Bill Cunningham’s almost obsessive passion for documenting New York’s street and social aesthetic is truly captivating. As much a portrait of an anthropological eccentric as it is a humble, seemingly lonely elderly gentleman, after seeing the film one cannot deny his absolute influence over a now booming cultural phenomenon.

In his blue street sweeper jacket, Cunningham sets off around New York on his bicycle. A look inside his Carnegie Hall apartment illustrates his dedication to the cause, merely a bed crammed between dozens of filing cases housing every photo negative he’s ever taken. Despite his revered images and obvious respect within a fickle fashion industry, Cunningham comes across as a charmingly cheeky yet extraordinarily humble man.

So for a look inside the world of a man with a discerning eye and decades of experience, be sure to check it out. On top of the fashion and fabulous cameo appearances, Bill Cunningham New York introduces you to a man of uncompromising character, leaving you inspired and unexpectedly moved.


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