Beachside Books: Our Top Three Summer Reads

One thing I most look forward to over the holidays is spending hours under my beach umbrella getting lost in a great book. You know you’ve found a winner when food and toilet breaks are lower on the to-do list than making it to the end of the next chapter. A perfect read is one that you can’t put down, you savour every page yet want to race ahead to get to the end. Whether serious or seriously silly, beach reads are best served with a side of sand and sun. So behold, my top three un-put-down-able books.

1. The Smoke Jumper – Nicholas Evans

Written by the same author of the super successful ‘The Horse Whisperer’, you immediately know this is going to be an epic tale of love and tragedy. Set in the American West, The Smoke Jumper tells the story of two best friends whose lives are changed forever after a terrible forest fire. Exploring themes of love, guilt and honour, it’s a story written so simply yet so imaginatively you’ll be made to laugh and cry with longing. It helps that I imagine the stories leading man, Connor Ford, resembles something of a cross between Paul Walker and Ryan Gosling.

2. Pants of Fire – Maggie Alderson

Maggie Alderson, in my opinion, is the perfect Rom-Com novelist. Toeing the line between romantic epic and witty comedy, her writing is as smart as it is sassy. Set against a fashion backdrop, she always manages to get you hooked from the get-go. Pants on Fire follows Georgia Abbott, a fashion magazine editor who heads to Sydney, leaving her cheating fiancé behind in London. It’s a delicious whirlwind of A-list parties, dancing and debauchery, one you’ll no doubt get swept up in. The ultimate easy beach read.

3. Murder in the Name of Honour – Rana Husseini

A must read for women, celebrated journalist Rana Husseini sheds a light on the so called crimes of honour in Jordan and around the world. Committed to raising awareness of, and bringing an end to, violent and unjust crimes against women, Husseini takes on a practice so disgraceful you’d almost think this was a fictional novel. Although written a little to sensationally at times, Murder in the Name of Honour is an illuminating read that is sad and shocking yet somewhat addictive.

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