Body blitzing for summer? Get Elixia’s Bodyshaper

Well it’s official, the November heat wave has hit and it’s time for you to dust off your summer time capsule and dig out all those hot items you wear when the temperature soars.  I mean the short-shorts, the tank tops and tiny tees and yes that Brazillian bikini you bought last year – you know the one that now somehow seems to have shrunk (they do that you know!). 

If you are like me you have tried it all on again to see what you have to replace and what still looks good.  I don’t know, it’s always at this time of year when I realise I left my summertime body blitz too late.  My body seems too white and my thighs – well let’s just not go there.  I really should have started a regime months ago. 

Now if you are like me and have left it a bit too late, one way to get your body into shape (and build some confidence about putting that Brazilian bikini back on) is a product I discovered recently Elixia’s Bodyshaper. 

The Bodyshaper is not an exercise bike, it’s not a pully device you order online or anything even remotely resembling a Swissball.  It’s a cosmetic product developed by the team at Elixia to assist the reduction of cellulite and subcutaneous fat.   So ladies, no exercise required – unless of course you consider applying a cream to your thighs once in the morning and once at night strenuous and fatiguing…..

Once again, my love for Elixia’s products stems from the science and from it’s  patented TPM® Delivery Technology which allows the products that we know work to be delivered to the right areas.  In this case I’m talking about Bodyshaper’s unique Tricelite Active™  an ingredient which is scientifically proven to reduce the size of fat cells.   Add to this a concentrated blend of antioxidants, moisturisers that give skin a firmer, more toned appearance and you have the perfect cocktail to blitz the cellulite and get your body looking beach ready.

Now if you are wondering whether I’ve tried Elixia’s Bodyshaper – the answer is yes and did it work for me – YES.  But I’m not the only one – Consumer Study USA conducted a study of 30 women who used Elixia’s Bodyshaper over a 30 day period and guess what regular application of the product showed a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite   between 3 – 8 weeks. 

So ladies, if your body blitzing for summer and want to get rid of that cellulite – check out Elixia’s Bodyshaper at 



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