One Wear Designs: Ready, Set, Swap

As an only child I’ve always imagined that growing up with sisters must be like one long sleepover; you gossip, share secrets and, most importantly, share clothes. From observing my friends who do have sisters I realise this is an unrealistically wistful view. Swapping clothes is not the done thing between the sisters I know.

But now there is a website that allows me to swap clothes not with relatives who will demand them back but with fashion editors, stylists and women worldwide.  One Wear Designs is a new online shopping and swapping destination launching this Friday October 7.

The site is launching with clothes collections straight from the wardrobes of key fashion industry insiders – editors from Cleo, InStyle, Shop Til You Drop and pieces from our own wardrobes here at Daily Gloss. Collette Dinnigan, Gucci, Sass & Bide, Cue, Lisa Ho, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana and Willow are just a few of the designers whose pieces are set to be swapped.

Exchanging clothes gives you all the retail therapy of a shopping spree without the buyer’s regret that comes when your credit card bill arrives. Here at the Gloss office we cannot wait to trade in and upgrade our wardrobes at the launch of One Wear Designs tomorrow!


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