The Celebrity Hero Club

Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic

Actors. Isn’t it usually their on screen personas that we idolise while back in the real world they sit up in their ivory tower preening, pampering and philandering? In a bizarre example of life imitating art not one but three celebrities have made headlines recently for playing heroes out on the street rather than on screen.

Titanic may have come out more than 10 years ago but we’ve never really let go of Rose letting go have we? If you’ve inadvertently harboured resentment towards Kate Winslet as Rose all this time you’d have to forgive her now. The actress saved Richard Branson’s mother recently, carrying the 90 year old out the billionaire’s home as it came down in flames. Who else predicts a Kate Winslet action movie soon?

Ryan Gosling at the Crazy Stupid Love Premiere

Not long after Kate’s saved Mama Branson Crazy Stupid Love star Ryan Gosling was caught on camera breaking up a street fight in New York. Either Ryan Gosling is getting into some serious method acting techniques in the lead up to his role as a member of the LAPD or he’s just a really great guy. Oh no, now all the unrealistic expectations of romance The Notebook gave us are resurfacing all over again!

Brad Pitt on the set of World War Z

He might be a bit grey (not in a silver fox way) and beardy of late but Bratt Pitt is still an iconic Hollywood hottie. Not one to be left out, soon after Ryan Gosling showed off his peacekeeping skills in New York Brad also got on the bravery bandwagon in Glasgow. On the set of his new zombie apocalypse movie World War Z Mr Jolie rescued a woman extra from being trampled by stampeding zombies.

Forget Oscars and Golden Globes the accolade all the actors are vying for right now is best off-screen hero. Who do you think will be next?


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