Movie Review: Crazy Stupid Love

Steve Carrell as Cal Weaver

Whether you like it or loathe it, there’s no escaping the emotional roller coaster ride that is love. Common to almost everyone on earth, Crazy Stupid Love is a film that takes this notion of relationships and the silly things we do when in them, and turns it on it’s head.

The film is based around the life of forty something business man Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) who finds his perfect world unravel around him when his wife and high school sweetheart (Julianne Moore) admits she’s cheated on him and wants a divorce. Forced back onto the market, an out of practice Cal is taken on as the protege of handsome player Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling). But even a makeover and a slew on new conquests can’t seem to fill the void let by love of his life. Comedic actress Emma Stone stars as the love interest of Jacob, a rare female to turn down his advances.

Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling

Having heard little about the film prior to seeing it, I will admit, my main reason for watching was to perve on a tanned and toned Gosling. Thankfully, this romantic dramedy was a pleasant surprise. Unexpectedly layered, the slick production was only matched by the witty writing and the casts solid performances.

While Carrell’s role is similar to many he’s played before (a downtrodden and slightly dorky yet lovable protagonist), his timing and humour were the perfect match for the fast paced banter hurled at him by Gosling. Leading themes that filtered throughout the film were forgiveness and heartache, examining how different people deal with loneliness through their relationships (or lack there of). Despite her faults, one comes to love Moore’s character, as her vulnerability and confusion are displayed through self depreciating humour and frank honesty.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

Young women will relate well to Stone’s character, dealing with the duality of impending responsibility and not wanting to settle for second best. Her comic timing is practically flawless, and the eventual twists at the climax of the film concerning her characters relationship with Jacob are a highlight.

One mustn’t overlook the smaller stories lines, played out by the younger cast of characters like Carrell’s son and his teenage babysitter. Anchoring the film with a sense of sweetness that re iterates it’s entire message, they remind the audience of the importance of passionately following your heart, despite having the odds stacked up against you.

Despite it’s romantic sentiment, this is a film you can watch with either your friends or your partner. Intelligently funny, Crazy Stupid Love is an upbeat yet poignant film that reminds us that when in love, we can all act a little crazy.

Crazy Stupid Love is in cinemas September 29th 2011.

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