Kate Middleton: Pantyhose Princess

Consistently elegant and ladylike Duchess Kate’s fashion choices are far from scandalous. Despite this her outfits have still managed to create controversy. Kate’s legs are barely ever bared. Instead of showing some skin she continues to cover up with nude pantyhose at every royal appearance.

This has raised the question – are pantyhose back?

Well it certainly seems so. According to the Daily Mail since Kate (and her sister Pippa!) have begun wearing sheer pantyhose regularly there has been a significant spike in nude hosiery sales in the UK. High-end pantyhose maker Wolford has seen a 29.5 percent increase in sales compared to the same period last year.

Her penchant for pantyhose during her current tour of the US and Canada is even having an impact on the American market. BethTeitell of the Boston Globe said “There she was getting off a Royal Canadian Air Force plane in Canada, looking polished in a navy lace overlay dress, a coordinating clutch – and sheer hose. And there she was greeting adoring fans in Ottawa, looking lovely in a cream dress from Reiss, red shoes – and sheer hose. OK, I know she’s travelling with her hairdresser and spends more on a single clutch than I do on my entire handbag wardrobe, but I found myself thinking that maybe if I just wore stockings things would happen for me, too.”

Now sheer pantyhose are still seen as a big no-no in some fashion circles with some deeming they should be confined to the 80’s and the elderly. We disagree. Sheer stockings cover a multitude of sins; uneven fake tans and prickly legs included.

The best part is they’re a quick fix. If you’re in a hurry there’s no need to book a spray tan or wax your legs.  Not to mention wearing stockings or socks helps prevent calluses and blisters and the undeniable fact that THEY LOOK GREAT. No matter how many spin classes I attend or fake tan I apply my legs never look as good au naturale as they do when I throw on a pair of tights.

SPANX and Gary Bigeni collaboration for RAFW

The British monarchy no doubt insist Kate covers up, but she’s not the only high-profile woman to be seen working the sheer.  Nude hosiery can’t possibly uphold its grandma reputation now that the rebellious Carla Bruni has been spotted in sheer stockings.

The trick to this trend is to invest in good quality sheer stockings that look and feel like a second, albeit more supple, skin.  Cheap tights will not do your figure any favours at all.  To give your legs the royal treatment we suggest the ‘Power Line Shaping Sheers’ by SPANX, they’ll give you Kate’s ladylike look and due to the slimming nature of SPANX you’ll get a shapely Pippa-esque behind!

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  1. richard says:

    Well, at least, assuming you bought Wolford, Falke, Cecelia de Rafael, or other European brands online you’d have some hot legs! You might actually be comfortable with the right fit, too. More importantly, for shallow men like me, your legs would get a lot more attention. I think Kate looks sexy with that little shine on her legs.
    This whole bare legs thing over the last ten years has been berry disturbing to leg men.

    • So true Richard, my husband loves for me to wear pantyhose in nude color and I do because I buy the right brand & style. It may cost me more buy usually they last longer and feel so much better all day on my legs…

  2. Lindsay & erik says:

    We agree with Richard, and really like this article. Obviously Kate Middleton (most any Gal) will look so much better / polished / feminine & sexy in silky Pantyhose. (They are made to look and feel very alluring! (unless you buy the cheapest pairs).
    The 2nd to last paragraph of this article claims that the monarchy insists Kate cover up. That is not true. The specifics of dress codes (hosiery/hats) amongst the Royals were pretty much dropped, and now it is done simply out of intelligence and a persons own want. Let’s keep in mind that 95% of the photos of Kate before she was the princess (just out on the town, on her own) were her wearing Pantyhose. Whether roller skating, shopping, out with friends, etc…
    Not only sophisticated and sexy, but very regal.

    -Lindsay & erik
    Smooth and Silky Pantyhose People (on Facebook)

  3. Pantyhose is a much needed fashion. There should be police making sure women wear pantyhose with various outfits. Do women get how much more sexy the leg is with nylon clad to them. The problem is women buy cheap brand pantyhose and complain, of course they will be opposed. Buy decent Euro styles and you will be much more happier, comfortable, confident, and sexy for sure! I love that Kate & Sis wear the nude color as the sheer look is so elegant and sophisticated. This isn’t a trend, it’s a much required fashion. I live in the States and wear pantyhose to work with dresses, skirts, and under my jeans. I’m 5’8″ and 120 lbs but use because they do hide blemishes, support, and turn the men on, especially my husband. You don’t need to buy the scuba suit style, buy the sheer to waist style, boarded, and ones with silk gusset only…believe me you’ll thank me later!

  4. Right on! Too many women make the mistake of thinking they need control top hose and then complain that they’re too tight. Forget the control tops. Some women complain that they’re too hot. Yes, if you choose 40 denier on a hot day, wear them over your panties, etc., you might get too warm. For summer, choose something really sheer (like 10 denier) and remember that the “panty” part should be all the underwear you need. Also, good hose are fully boarded (shaped like a leg) for a better fit. Get those. Don’t be afraid to order a larger size – almost all hose have plenty of lycra in them these days so you they’ll hug your curves without sagging. You might also seek some with a broad waistband so it doesn’t dig into your belly.

    These are lessons I’ve learned through the years from buying hose for my wife. She went from hose-averse to purposefully (not for my benefit) wearing them under her jeans once she discovered some of these new styles.

  5. Princess Kate wears panty hose and they look great, but she wears them because no royal person can be at any function without HOSE. They also cannot show their toes in any shoe. That’s the rule.


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