Interview with Miss Universe Australia Scherri-Lee Biggs

Scherri-Lee Biggs being congratulated by last year’s winner Jesinta Campbell (image via Sydney Morning Herald)

For her upcoming 21st birthday Scherri-Lee Biggs isn’t allowed to drink alcohol, can’t eat cake and will be in “lockdown” inside a hotel. But all these little luxuries have been replaced with a tiara and the title of Miss Universe Australia 2011. So it’s a pretty good trade off if you ask me.

We recently met Scherri-Lee at an intimate event hosted by Nude by Nature, the principal makeup sponsors of the pageant. Yes, she was blonde, tanned, with legs up to here, but she was also very warm, open and easy to talk to.

Scherri-Lee Biggs

My impression is exactly how she hopes to come across at the upcoming international competition “I think around the world Australians are regarded pretty highly and that Australians actually wear their heart on their sleeve, they’ve got nothing to hide, they’re out there, they’re energetic, they’re having fun, everyone loves Australians. I mean Jesinta won Miss Congeniality in last year’s international final and I think that says a lot about who Australia is. I’m not saying I’m going to go over there and win Miss Congeniality but I think just generally Australians are open, honest people and I think that that’s something in my personality and I hope I portray that over there”.

First runner-up Tegan Martin

Though Scherri-Lee never imagined that this might happen to her she always knew she was destined to do something different “I’ve always thought to myself that whatever I’m going to do it can’t be normal I can’t have a nine to five job it’s just something that I’ve known”.

With the international competition just six weeks away Scherri-Lee is treating being Miss Universe Australia as a full-time job “There’s a lot of preparation taking place. I do my exercise and fitness during the day, you have to keep up to date with current affairs around the world and in Australia. I think it’s just generally about becoming more aware of the world around you”.

So what does the fitness regime of a Miss Universe contestant consist of? Scherri-Lee is an early bird so she generally exercises in the mornings “That’s when I have the most energy and by night time I want to start winding down. If I do exercise at night I kind of want to do pilates or a walk or something.”

Miss Universe Australia 2011 (image via Sydney Morning Herald)

For maintaining her inner-health she reveals she’s “Pretty keen on vitamins — I like chlorophyll and spirulina, drinking a lot of water, and different vitamins for my skin.” As for makeup she “likes to keep it quite simple and wear light makeup if I can.”

Scherri-Lee’s beachside upbringing in Perth has influenced her healthy lifestyle approach “I’m a big believer in when you’re stressed going for a walk. When I’m stressed out, I get home and just go for a walk and the salty air calms me. Actually I went to Germany for awhile and it was freezing cold, it was mid-winter and it was quite hard being over there because I was alone as well and I couldn’t wait to get home and from the airport in Perth, even though it is kilometres away, I could smell the salty air and I knew I was home.”


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