Excess Baggage

Any seasoned traveler will know that while you’re away from home your suitcase can become your best friend or your worst enemy – and it’s vital for your survival. The perfect luggage will be universally stylish, practical and suitable for your precise travel needs (and preferably match any possible travel outfit). This is why choosing the right bag is so important and can make or break your getaway.

L-R Adidas by Stella McCartney, Mulberry, Country Road, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Domestic/Short Travel

Ideally when taking a brief trip within the country a tote or duffel bag will be enough to suit your needs. Most will fit as carry-on luggage on domestic flights, which saves the hassle of having to check-in your bag and then wait for it after your flight. The lightweight nature of the tote means that it’s the perfect in-flight companion because it’s very easy to cart around. If, like me, you find it impossible to travel lightly (‘What if it rains?’ ‘What if there’s a heat-wave?’ What if I get a last minute invitation to a black-tie event?’) this type of bag can be used in conjunction will your oversized suitcase to hold an outfit for every occasion. Play around with bright colours and bold prints – making a statement with your bag but also making it easily identifiable for a zippy exit!

L-R Lanvin, Jimmy Choo, Mandarina Duck, Louis Vuitton

The Long Haul

While look is important for the perfect suitcase – we hate to say it but practicality is paramount. Your check-in luggage will be thrown, dragged, dropped and everything in between so if it’s not durable then it’s not worth it. Top quality luggage is a wise investment because you eliminate the risk of having your zip snap or a wheel fly off. That being said, there are plenty of high-quality suitcases that still look good and make a statement – and sometimes luggage you love can put the pep back in your step if you’re not feeling sexy after an 18 hour plane ride.

L-R Mimco Travel Wallet, Oroton Luggage Tag, Tiffany & Co. Passport Cover, Kathmandu Beauty Case


As with any ensemble your travel accessories can help you express your sense of style. Are you the conservative, classic type or are you a girlie girl? Tell the world in the details such as your bag tag or passport cover! Again, practical accessories can really affect your experience so durability here is also important but there are also a whole range of accessories which can help make your trip run a lot smoother. A well compartmentalised travel wallet for example can help you store and easily access everything you’ll need to take you from a to b. The perfect beauty case can also make your travel life a lot easier, again great compartments will keep you organized and the addition of a hook to hang your goodies up in your hotel ensures that you’re always ready for action.


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