Book Review: Amazing Face by Zoe Foster

As the former beauty editor of both Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, Zoe Foster has had her fair share of experience with beauty products. In her latest book Amazing Face she’s complied all her top tips and secrets to help guide us through all that the world of beauty has to offer.

Foster is no stranger to the literary world having aleady released Air Kisses, Playing the Field, which looks at life as a WAG drawing on insights from her 10 year relationship with rugby player Craig Wing and Textbook Romance co-written by her new flame Hamish Blake.

Foster’s style of writing is extremely engaging, creating a sense that you’re chatting over coffee rather than reading from a page. She has a true gift for conveying her personality through her written word. Her wit and sense of humor is evident throughout this latest book, drawing on her own personal experiences to express the do’s and don’ts of beauty.

“I would never suggest I created these tips” she quips, “they either came to me via dreams (false) or were taught to me by the best in the biz over the years (true).”

Unlike your usual, run of the mill beauty reference book, Foster’s writing style compels you to read from cover to cover. However, if you’re pressed for time it’s well set out which makes it easy to find tips and tricks for every scenario – including “How to do your face when you’re hungover”.

The book really does cover everything – skin, hair, eyes, lips and whole looks – with reference to skin types, colouring and age. It’s this element that makes Amazing Face the perfect book to pass on, it would certainly make a great gift for girlfriends, sisters, mothers and co-workers. This stuff is too good to keep to yourself!

The best part about Zoe Foster is that she shows us that books and writing are still cool! She gives us no hint at all that this is a dying art: “As condom-covered veils at Hens’ Nights kindly demonstrate, tradition does not always mean it’s right.”

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