Sunkissed Legs in Seconds: Voodoo’s GLOW Range

Right now my legs are pale and, I’m not going to lie, a little prickly  (I was in a hurry this morning!). But you couldn’t possibly tell. Today I disguised my winter worn legs in a pair of Voodoo’s GLOW stockings and I love the transformation!

The stockings give your legs a luminous tan without spending hours in the sun and even make your legs look a little more toned – no squats or lunges required.

It’s not just me who thinks they look good. I wore them to work and flaunted them in front of my co-workers asking them for their thoughts. It was unanimously agreed that they look really natural.

The stockings come in three skin tones: Bronze, Golden Glow and Sunkissed. There are also three different styles to choose from; Sheer to Waist is perfect for when you’re wearing something with a short hemline, Control nips in your upper legs and waist and Toeless is ideal for when you’re wearing peep-toe shoes.

You need to take care of them though; at only 8 denier the GlOW range of stocking are very fine. I usually wash my stockings in a delicates bag but these tights require extra care and I suggest hand washing them. So far I have worn mine twice and washed them once and they’re still ladder free!

The stockings retail for $13.95, keep a pair on hand for when you need perfect pins pronto!


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