Beauty Review: Skin Virtue Anti-Age Range

I don’t know about you but when it comes to make-up I’m a bit of a brand hussy. I like to try mascara from here, a bronzer from there and generally mix and match my cosmetics. Luxury skincare however is another story. Once I get onto a cleanser or moisturiser that works for me, I’m blind to other brands.

Well, until now that is.

I took a break from my tried, tested and much loved beauty range to try a new skincare line. Not just new to me, but new to the market.

Introducing a new brand to an already oversaturated industry is a bold move. You have no company history to refer back to and no loyal customers to rely on. So newcomers Skin Virtue must be pretty confident in their product range, because that’s just what they’ve done.

They have good reason to be confident too. I have been trialling their Pure Nourish Cleanser and Pure Line Repair eye cream for a few weeks now and am delighted with the results.

Light and hydrating, the cleanser has been perfect during this typically drying winter weather – I have noticed a definite increase in the softness and elasticity of my skin.

As for the eye cream, I have previously never considered using an eye cream that boasts anti-aging properties such as this one. As I’m in my early-twenties I don’t feel I’m at a stage in my life with enough signs of aging to warrant products to counteract them.

Regardless of age, everyone is susceptible to getting dark circles under their eyes due to lack of sleep. I have discovered that the Skin Virtue Pure Line Repair does wonders to erase these pesky telltale signs.

Skin Virtue’s Pure Anti-Age line is perfect for others in my situation. The products work as a preventative anti-aging measure, effectively nipping any visible signs in the bud.

Using natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and soothing marine and botanical extracts the Pure Anti-Age range is specifically formulated to fight environmental damage and prevent premature ageing by maximizing cellular reconstruction, providing continual hydration and protection, accelerating skin cell renewal and counteracting collagen breakdown and free radical damage

The Skin Virtue cleanser and eye cream have not only made me get out of my cosmetics comfort zone but also turned me into an eye cream convert…not bad for a newbie.

Pure Nourish Cleanse (200ml) – $43.00

Pure Line Repair (15ml) – $68.00

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