Fall Trends – The Boyfriend Blazer

Don’t let your boyfriend find out you’ve stolen his blazer!


Though it wasn’t the most overstated or obvious trend, the oversized blazer was ever present in RAFW 2011. Majority of designers featured this trend, as a casual look that still gets down to business. Blazers were well-pressed, with crisp lapels, which underscored the extremely smart ensembles.


Though the attire featured in RAFW has been crafted for spring and summer, the loose blazer is a trend that you can also employ in your autumn wardrobes. We all remember Stella McCartney’s pre-fall collection in 2010 which featured many beautiful loose blazers in nudes, creams and baby pinks. Save sherbets, soft pinks, and lemon yellows for spring. If you choose this fall trend, white can still work to your advantage; the best colours however are muted greys, black and caramel.


New Generation

Get creative with this fall trend and be inspired by your favourite themes. Work with nautical undertones by investing in a rich navy blue jacket. Emulate Mia’s look in Pulp Fiction by dressing to the nines in a smart, black tuxedo-inspired blazer. The possibilities are endless.


The best way to wear this trend is by working with contrast. Slouchy over slim looks superb, so try throwing a loose blazer over leggings, a mini, or skinny tube jeans with pumps. Leather shorts are also shooting into popularity, and flatter this trend well.


Despite this slouchy v slim, a lot of designers and celebs have opted to pair the oversized blazer with loose, cropped pants. This typically masculine combination is converted into something incredibly feminine. There is something intrinsically European chic about the effect of this look. Earthy, urban labels Ellery and Christopher Esber combined loose blazers with loose flowing pants and maxis.


White Suede

RAFW designers, such as White Suede and New Generation had the tendency to pair loose blazers with short fitted bodices and high-waisted shorts. Definitely go for this look if you are daring and don’t mind showing some flesh, otherwise you can always add a sheer blouse to tone it down.


Oversized boyfriend blazers are fast becoming staple piece, so for that casual cool, investing in one of these beauties is a must.


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