Backstage Interview with Gail Reid Designer of Gail Sorronda


Aptly named Stem the Flow the latest Gail Sorronda collection by Gail Reid is driven by the concept of moments stopped in time. The collection certainly stopped us in our tracks for more than moment! Backstage before the show Gail describes her inspiration as “fluidity intercepted by time”.

This abstract concept has been translated from mind to material through the structural details of the garments “A lot of the pieces are quite bulbous but they’re almost on pause basically. Very organic but there’s restraint”. When the models enter the runway Gail’s vision comes to life. Ethereal accordion pleats drift weightlessly across the runway, swollen sleeves and skirts flounce while structured cut-outs and stiff round brim hats remain rigid.

Reid’s approach to her work is highly personal. Confessing that it is a “kind of strange thing to put yourself through” she affirms that her collections “are always a chapter of something that is really resonating with me at that time”. Resulting in an aesthetic that is entirely her own Reid’s process ensures each piece will transcend beyond this season’s style. Continual use of a purely monochromatic colour scheme throughout each Gail Sorronda collection further emphasises the designer’s disregard for trends and conviction in her work.

Given the introspective nature of the collection we are curious to learn which pieces are her personal favourites. Admitting that it’s “hard to choose from the babies” she responds, “I guess I really love my capsule knitwear collection and the pleating in some of the pieces as well”. We loved them as well and have a feeling we’ll continue to do so longer after this season has ended.

Photos by Zoom In With Eden Photography



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