The Macho Chic: Fierce Fashion

Everyone knows women can wear men’s clothes better than men can! This trend is definitely at the business end of fashion. More and more women are choosing to ditch impractical unwieldy pieces of clothing in exchange for something a little more direct. Why shouldn’t women have a chance at power dressing too?

It seems work wear these days no longer requires a full tailored suit with a crisp button down shirt anymore. It’s time for city women to ditch dull casual outfits in exchange for something a little more glam. Here, we are seeing the progression of bold, statement dressing and stylish innovations to the classic suit. Whilst the macho chic look consists of typically male style clothing, the look is kept somehow essentially feminine. The strength of the suit has been updated on the catwalk this season with a few feminine twists. The macho chic wears wide trousers with professional creases and well cut blazers tailored to perfection. And in true Lady Gaga style, who could forget shoulder pads. High pants cinched at the waist can pull it all together.

A smart blazer and a few different shirts are essential. Check out Country Road, Bassike, Jessie Hill and Portmans. Don’t limit yourself, because every second label will have something of the kind, whether it’s a collared shirt or a modern trouser. To take it to the next level, there is always the option of even including a thin necktie or suspenders into your ensemble!  

Most importantly, power dressing demands confidence. Always make sure you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing, and this will come naturally. So dress to impress ladies, the macho chic is on the rise.


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