South Melbourne Market – A Foodies Delight


Opening in 1867, the South Melbourne Market is the oldest continuing market operating in Melbourne. In its time the market has grown to become a community with an interactive website, a singing butcher and dim sims to die for.

Today, the market is vibrant – full of colourful, fresh foods, and many a colourful character. A prime example of which is Tony Manago, the Singing Butcher, who can be found at South Melbourne Meats. 

Tony is known for regularly treating shoppers and passers-by with operatic ballads from behind the counter. Tony, the singing butcher or the ‘T-bone tenor’, as he’s more fondly known, has been written up in papers and is a hit on YouTube.

The market’s biggest draw card however, is not the Singing Butcher but the dim sims it has long been famous for. Week after week locals and not-so-locals travel to South Melbourne Market Dim Sims & Spring Rolls and wait in the line which curves down the street for their specialty. Few would dispute that these are the best dim sims in Melbourne, if not in the country.

And the delights do not stop there! With delicious fresh food as far as the eye can see it’s tough to go past the Emerald Hill Deli, in the Deli Aisle, stall 23. Emerald Hill Deli’s owner, Maria has a huge cheese fridge, full of hundreds of local and imported specialty cheeses. She is more than happy to guide you through the selection, which among many others includes Australian cheddars, washed rinds and bries.

As well as supplying the best and freshest ingredients, the South Melbourne Market’s cooking school will teach you how best to use them. Hosted in the new LG Kitchen, the intimate classes are lead by a variety of accomplished Melbourne chefs in a ‘chefs unplugged’ format.

For those still feeling daunted at the prospect of the South Melbourne Market experience, the market kindly offers a variety of tours. With the help of an experienced tour guide, you will learn the market’s secrets, sample the delights, meet specialist traders and be a part of the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s oldest market.


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