Revolver A Top Gun in Annandale

Since its opening, Revolver has shot like a speeding bullet straight to the top of many Sydneysiders’ favourite café lists. Situated in leafy Annandale, Revolver lies in a secluded area of the suburb separate from the main strip of shops. But this isn’t the only thing that sets Revolver apart. The café’s mantra “Do what you love and love what you do” has been instilled into every detail down to the humble cup of tea. Not just plain tea, an extensive selection of loose-leaf teas. All of which are served with a quaint wooden egg timer. I am instructed that once the timer is finished my ginger blend will be infused and ready to drink!

Cosy blankets are draped over the outside chairs for when it gets a bit chilly, homemade jam served in a beautiful glass pot, and dainty mismatched crockery are among other loving details that make this café so … warm. Yes, warm. It’s not just the crockery that gives you that ‘at home’ feeling as though you’ve just popped in to see your grandma. The staff all make you feel so welcome and are very accommodating  — offering to move my friends and I to a more comfortable table once one became available without us even asking.

I dropped in to Revolver with the intention of simply having a coffee and a chat. Soon I regretted having had lunch beforehand. Everything looked and smelt so delicious! Not very hungry, I settled for sourdough toast with raspberry jam, followed by a homemade melting moment. It’s hard to go wrong with toast but the jam and bread were so good I didn’t leave with that resentful feeling that I could have had this at home for half the price feeling. Having not eaten earlier my friend chose the cheeseburger. Our apologetic waiter informed us that they had just run out of burger buns but offered to serve it on some sourdough. Hearty and mouth-watering, the reason behind the bun shortage was immediately apparent.

Though I didn’t indulge as much as I would have liked, my trip to Revolver in Annandale left me thoroughly impressed. You just know that this place is a labour of love for owner, chef and staff alike. Since going there I’ve heard of some other charming quirks. They serve their big breakfasts in the iron pot it was cooked in and leave a dollop of pesto in the hollow of the avocado left by the seed. All the more reason to return, only this time earlier and on an empty stomach!

Photos by Dara Tippapart


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