Jocks Ice-Cream – A Little (or Gigantic) Scoop of Heaven

Rich, creamy, heavenly decadence – what more could a girl want on a breezy Autumn day? At Jock’s Ice-Cream and Sorbet that’s exactly what you’ll get.

There’s a reason why Jock’s is more of an institution or a marvel than your everyday ice creamery and why he has his own branded merchandise to boot!

Jock’s opened in 2001 and has since been hailed by most who have tried his creations, ‘the best ice-cream in Melbourne’. Despite their reputation and numerous awards Jock’s remains understated, occupying only a small shop front on Victoria Avenue.


Jock famously whips up of his delicious creations himself, which is why his fruity flavors follow the seasons. His constant rotation of flavors means that every time you visit there’ll be something new to try.

10 years of practice bears amazing results. With flavors ranging from your basic but perfectly executed chocolate and vanilla to his more inventive creations such as baked apple, roast almond and lemon yoghurt.

His secret is organic milk and no eggs, the dairy gives the ice-cream is thick and creamy flavor.

Crowd favourites include gingerbread, chocolate truffle and Obamarama (peanut butter and jelly).

My personal preference, and one of Jock’s consistent best sellers is the Hokey Pokey. Rich, creamy ice-cream with thick streaks of liquid and chunky honeycomb stirred through. My advice? Get a large take-home pack!


They say you get what you pay for, and this is certainly the case a Jock’s. Half a liter will set you back $8.50 with a full liter priced at $17.50. A little more pricey that a supermarket tub, but well worth it.

And if you don’t live in the area? Travel for it – from your suburb, interstate, overseas. You won’t be disappointed. With all takeaway orders sent home in a insulated bag, Jock’s has is wide traveling market covered.

Jock’s Ice-Cream and Sorbet

83 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park

Ph: 9686 3838

Open: Monday – Sunday, Noon – 10pm


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