Jazz City Diner, Sydney

Let’s face it, Sydney is a multicultural city. And along with the variety in people and nationalities comes a vast selection of cuisines. Austrian or African? Italian or Indian? French or Filipino? Deciding where to go for dinner can be a serious dilemma! So why then, in a country saturated with American culture, has it taken so long for a genuine all-American diner to open in Sydney?

The Jazz City Diner in Darlinghurst now fills this void in the Sydney food scene. Chef and owner Dan McGuirt has certainly made up for lost time. His passion for diners doesn’t stop at their yummy food but also takes in their history and that indefinable something that makes the American diner, well, American. Dan gives free play to his obsession with an attention to detail in every aspect of the restaurant, from the music and menus to the fixtures and very, very cute uniforms.

Before Jazz City Diner the only true American food I had ever tasted was fast food. This is precisely the reason Dan wanted to open his diner, to bring great American food to Sydney. After just one visit I think I can say he has filled the bill.  The menu is a modern take on New Orleans cuisine. First off for me, Mushroom & Caramelised Onion Burger; it is delicious and extremely filling. All Dan’s burgers come with a side of onion rings or sweet potato fries. I can highly recommend the sweet potato fries and wonder why they aren’t served elsewhere instead of regular fries? It doesn’t make sense! If you’re not after a burger the diner also serves soups and salads as well as specialities including pork belly and seafood jambalaya.

Meanwhile, back at the table, after gorging on the burger I begin to consider sneakily undoing the top button of my jeans. However my sweet tooth triumphs over my tightening waistline and I share the scrumptious Banana Cream Pie with a friend. While my lungs are feeling the crush, my tastebuds are grateful for my greediness. The BCP is indeed a mouth-watering dessert.

New Orleans is a long way from Sydney, but suddenly I feel right at home. The Jazz City Diner pays homage to the Jazz Age and diner history in a way that is nostalgic yet modern. For more information go to http://www.jazzcitydiner.com/



  1. Had never tried real American food like this and it didn’t disappoint! I really loved their desserts yum good find!

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